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UCHA Ogden Spring
LAE & Weekend Cutting
April 21-25, 2021

The race for the saddles is going strong.
Saddles will be given out in all classes this year - same requirements as in the past.
Check out the requirements under show information.

The youth classes have been strong this year.
Congratulations to all our scholarship winners.
Remember our Scholarship auction will be held
with our UCHA Fall cutting in October.

This is where we gather together funds for this scholarship program.
Be planning now to gather items for the auction and to participate. Its always fun!

Junior Youth
Audrey Tree $600
Wyatt Christensen $500
Tommy Dent earning $500

Senior youth
Abbi Bowthorpe $600
Jake Scow $200
Gavin Wilko $500
Trista Ream $400
Porter Hales $300
Taylor Porter $300
Bridger Hayward $100


Videos of runs available thru Kicking S Video

Photos available thru